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Profi Tours Phone number in the hotel for additional information: 074633035; Phone number for reservations: +359 879 09 23 64
partner of Spa Hotel Spartak (ex Sveti Nikola Hotel)

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Booking conditions
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Booking price - Hotel
368 €
Double standard room x 7 overnights
Regular prices 742lv
-3% Early booking discount for reservations made before 21.12.2023
Seven-day Spa&Active package REF#97426 (Seven-day Spa&Active package)
Price includes: free use of indoor swimming pool and parking lot
The prices are NOT valid during national holidays, Christmas and New Year periods

* Prices are per room, for the corresponding number of guests and include: 7 nights with buffet breakfasts; partial massage - once per stay; free use of the spa - center with an indoor pool with mineral water, outdoor thermal pool type whirlpool bath, sauna, Roman bath, salt room and gym; free internet; guarded parking; travel insurance, tourist tax and VAT.
The price of the rooms with accommodation 1 adult + 1 child up to 12 years old is only for the selected option 1+1 and does not apply to 1 adult and 2 children up to 12 years old
Packages are valid from 01.01.23 to 22.12.23 except on holidays and public holidays
The rooms with the possibility of an extra bed are limited in number and are subject to confirmation after a request has been submitted.
Children up to 3.99 stay free of charge and do not receive service.
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